Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shift Dress with BLACK & WHITE TWEED-SUEDE cardigan

Bon soir everyone! 
My last day in Chicago was cool and cloudy so I tacked on some black stockings, which actually did make a world of a difference in keeping me warm!

Here is a lovely little garden area we came across on the intersection of 
S. Michigan Ave and E. Jackson Dr.

The sunlight flitting through the trees made it quite a peachy spot for people to sit down and eat a nice, outdoor lunch.
There was also a fountain nearby, which in my opinion didn't blow me away with it's amazing sculptures and whatnot 
but nonetheless, the sound of running water is always a nice addition to any scenery.

I was actually awakened by my hunger this morning so you can imagine how famished I was after walking around for an hour, trying to pick the perfect place to eat my last brunch in Chicago.

When I woke up, I had already had a brunch place in mind that was pretty close to the location of my hotel...but after walking up and down the same block for ten minutes, I discovered on my iphone that the restaurant had relocated to a different part of the city!!

Now, I think we can all agree that after we pass a certain point of hunger, we end up with a horrendously poor judgment of taste
and so I wanted to make sure this wouldn't be the case for me!!!

Luckily, I ended up having THE most clean, hearty, fresh and savory breakfast of
Apple and Blueberry Dutch Pancake
and a bowl of 
Red Quinoa Porridge with Dried Strawberry Coconut Almond Crunch which, might I add, was displayed on a beautiful, thin, stone slab with some fresh cinnamon.

I actually didn't think too much of this fountain while walking to the Shedd Aquarium...

until it spouted like a geyser!!

The line for the aquarium was quite long
but my travel buddy and had I a solid hour for chit-chat~

And seeing this amazingly talented, blind sea lion and teeny jellies was worth it~

By the time we came out of the aquarium, we were starving and decided to take the water taxi back into the heart of Chicago for a dinner of Chicago's best deep dish pizza!!!!

The atmosphere of Pizano's was super local and cozy, which I think made me enjoy my pizza that much more and although I forgot the name of this side cup of pickled vegetables, they added such a kick to the meal!!
I just poured a little bit of the spiced jalapeno/pepper/carrot medley onto each bite....
I don't think I'm going to dip my pizza in ranch or BBQ sauce anymore. Pickled veggies all the way!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely Wednesday!!

Dress: Rhyme and Echo
Cardigan: Maje
Bag: Chloe (Purchase Similar Here)
Shoes: French Sole (Purchase Here)
Accessories: Miriam Merenfeld


  1. Lovely photo's! I love your dress, it's so versatile :D I also really like your bag and shoes too xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  2. Beautiful! Please check out my blog at! Hope you'll follow on Bloglovin!

  3. Such amazing pictures! You must have had a blast. How cute is that sea lion. I've always wanted to try a Chicago deep dish pizza - a complete meal!!!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.