Saturday, July 13, 2013

SILK PAJAMA ROMPER & Navy suede oxfords

Hallo tout le monde! Today's weather is a beaut and I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!
With the sunshine comes the HEAT and boy, is it hot?

These pictures were taken yesterday and I have posted more than usual because yesterday was the Rolling Sculpture Car Show with "More than 400 exotic, antique, classic, concept cars" all sweeping into the heart of downtown Ann Arbor!

To be frank, I didn't know about it until I walked down for brunch to find every street downtown completely closed off.

Anywho, this is a new addition to my romper basket and aside from the fact that they make it harder to go to the bathroom, rompers are one of the most comfortable, convenient pieces of clothing a girl can own!

In case the other posts have not yet made it clear, I adore silk so it's no surprise that this lovely pajama romper is made of just that.
The pattern was just enough to grab the attention of pedestrians who wanted to take a second look at the beautiful geometric print.

To make the outfit a bit more "out-there," I added a rather large gold tassel necklace that draped nicely down the center of my torso and a soft, pink snakeskin clutch with gold studs.

Suede oxfords completed the look, making it possibly the most comfortable outfit I have put together yet!

Here is a snapshot of just 4 of the many cars that attended the car show. Aston Martins, Maseratis, Corvettes, and Porsches were among the many model car brands present. For you car fanatics out there, this event makes you act like a dog whose owner has just come home.

It is difficult to contain oneself when a car door opens up so majestically.

There were also many knickknacks being displayed in the middle of the streets. This here is a *drumroll please* FAIRY CAR! How creative, no?

I even went over to an internet service providers storefront, which I pass by often throughout the school year. They are very generous to their dog-owning customers although I'm embarrassed to say that the treats look appealing to people as least to this person.

Arriving towards my original destination after going through all the hullabuhloo gave me a tingle in my stomach that only happens when good food is just a visible, speedwalking distance away!

I apologize for not uploading photos of the delicious brunch I ordered but I had eaten it all before I remembered to snap a photo of it. I will not forget next time and there will most definitely be a luscious picture to drool over!

On another note, going to farmer's market every Saturday morning is a ritual of mine and thus, I will upload another post later tonight regarding this morning's stroll to the market! I must hint that there will be some organic ice cream included!

I hope everyone is having a splendid Saturday and I hope to interact with you more so please leave comments on your opinions of the outfits, your passions (I love to hear a strong, passionate ramble), what you had to eat today?

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Romper: Zara
Bag: Emily Cho
Shoes: Ksubi
Accessories: Kate Spade necklace (Purchase Here), Burberry sunglasses

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  1. oooomggggg you are just sooo cute doori!!! LOVE love love the outfit xx