Saturday, August 3, 2013

PEACH CASHMERE, Embellished Shorts & Ann Arbor Farmers' Market: 94th Birthday!!

Bon soir tout le monde! 
Here I am, sitting at my favorite campus café Lab.
I decided to order an iced moroccan mint tea before heading out to Farmers Market, which this Saturday, is a special one!!!

Keeping it simple, I wore embellished shorts with one of my favorite cashmere, peach sweaters from Vince and a silk scarf~

I'll admit, without the scarf, this outfit would have been rather boring...

but I often forget that our hair is an accessory in itself too!! You can wear something completely simple and leave room to let your hair do some talking.
On the way to the farmers' market, I did a cute, little french braid, which I thought added a dainty character to the look! 

When I first saw these, I thought they were small, unripe pumpkins...
but it turns out that they're similar to tomatoes!
The farmer told me that these are much sweeter versions of tomatoes that are often used in green salsa!!
I didn't buy them this time, but I will next week 
and try to add them to avocado and lime juice for some fresh guacamole!! Oh yeah.

Right next to all the bustle of the farmers is a local store called Sparrow's Market, which has a section that specializes in seafood!
Each Saturday, they have a custom menu tailored to the fish they have in stock. 
Everything is made right there in front of you, so there's no need to fret about the fish not being fresh!

I saw these two babies being cooked and was practically drooling while they were tossed in the sauce.
The first one is a cajun, shrimp sandwich with fresh coleslaw and
the second dish is a Blue Fish teriyaki with chips~ 
The Blue Fish was amazing and it tasted very similar to mackerel: a hearty, juicy, thick-flaked white fish.
I'll let the fish speak for themselves...

This here is my dessert, which consisted of some pumpernickel, raisin bread and Sweet Corn Ice Cream!!!
The pumpernickel was just my weekly choice of local bread and the sweet corn was from a Farmers' Market cart called Sweet Dirt!
How I came to eat them together, I'm not sure...

I actually wanted to mention a rather kind gesture someone did for me today.
I was eating my pumpernickel and sweet corn on some steps near the entrance of the farmers' market when a woman walked over and asked to snap a picture of me and my photographer buddy for the local news.
After taking the picture, my photographer asked what kind of lens she uses and after seeing our camera, asked about our experience in photography.
While I hate to admit that we're both still amateurs, I told her that we're still in the learning process, to which she responded by sitting down next to us and hashing out the details of basic photography skills.
She ended up teaching us for a solid 30 minutes, after which a whole new window had opened up in my mind.
It's amazing how a simple, 30 minute gesture can leave one awe-inspired, with a handful of new skills to go out there, apply and tackle the world with.
Well, that's my small rant on small yet life-changing gestures :)

I hope you can experience this kind of generosity, if not rub it around some more!!
Have a lovely Saturday!!
Thank you for reading!!!

Top: Vince
Bottom: Zara
Shoes: French Sole (Purchase Here)
Accessories: Miriam Merenfeld necklace, Carven sunglasses, Pandora bracelet, 
Club Monaco scarf (Purchase Similar Here)

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