Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ELEPHANT TUNIC & Walter Steiger curved heels

Bon journée!! Monday has passed and Tuesday is hot, hot, hot here in Ann Arbor.
For days like this, there's nothing like a good ole tunic.
This handsome fellow is silk and breathes beautifully. 
In addition to keeping us cool, tunics are designed with intricate prints to keep looks upbeat and make outfits look like they have more substance.

It's amazing how even though the design of tunics seem to have a lot going on, it still creates the simplest of silhouettes. I mean, it's basically a long, loose tank top, n'est pas?
Tunics are an article of clothing that gives us permission to go bold on statement accessories, just as we do for LBDs or simple shift dresses.

Of all the shades of brown out there, my favorite is cognac. That rich, caramel shade brings attention to itself and contributed a solid color to my multi-hued tunic.

I also wanted to share my love for Walter Steiger shoes. The shape of the heel adds a hidden elegance to the shoes and the gold piping made them the perfect match for me. 
Given that gold is my favorite color, I developed some unnatural feelings for these shoes...and let me tell you, those heels may be curved but they are pretty darn comfortable to walk around in!

This necklace gave the look a dapple of movement and the tassels added a much more playful touch!

To give the look more of a conservative touch, I added a short-sleeved cardigan and gold belt. Without the belt, the outfit didn't have much shape and I think women should add more curvature wherever they can.

I think the majority of outfits should be interchangeable. I would never suggest women to wear heels all the time so I strapped on a comfortable pair of chained, leather sandals.

I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday and that these elephants bring you a bit o'cheer!!
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read!

I was also thinking about writing a post for women who want to naturally slim their calves
If this is a post you would be interested in reading, please let me know! Merci!

Tunic: Joie 
Cardigan: Zara
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Walter Steiger heels, Zara chained sandals (from last summer)
Accessories: Urban Outfitters necklace (old), Banana Republic bracelet, SaksFifthAve belt, Lulu Frost necklace


  1. Gorgeous bag shoes and the print tunic... 첫사진 화보같아 ♥.♥

  2. I really love your look! your dress and shoes are amazing!