Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Midnight in Paris- Tweed Jacket, Silver Chain Belt & GIVENCHY ANTIGONA

Bonjour tout le monde!
Scurrying around Paris, I've been neglecting my regular posts and so, I apologize.
The picture above was taken with a my newfound friend Taylor, on a rather famous stoop that I'm sure those who have seen the film "Midnight In Paris" may recognize!
I confess that I actually came to this stoop BEFORE watching the film
but it was nevertheless surreal to sit on the same stairs as actor Owen Wilson.

A bit on my outfit here---it's a tad bit plain but that's what I preferred about the look.
All you really need is a white tank, some staple leather shorts 
and a classic ole, slightly oversized tweed jacket :)

Of course, I accessorized it up a bit with one of my favorite chain belts, which I double clipped for the layered effect in the center.

If there's one thing I must stress, it's that ever girl in Paris needs a crossbody bag!
If not for the sake of getting pick-pocketed than just for the convenience of having a hands-free bag.
I've found it especially convenient when I want my hands wrapped around a giant crêpe :)

You'll see here that i've unbuttoned my tweed jacket and removed the belt to accessorize the inside.
Not only did it get hot, but sometimes an outfit looks much more charming with the jacket draped over rather than buttoned up.

Anywho, I hope that everyone is having a swell week!
Thank you for reading!!

Please do try to watch "A Midnight In Paris" if you can! 
I think it's a rather interesting take on different historical periods in Paris.

Top: Zara tank, Jacket from K-Styleme
Bottom: Zara
Bag: Givenchy 
Shoes: French Sole
Accessories: Zara belt

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Leather & Faux FUR Mittens

Bonjour tout le monde!! 
I recently realized how addicted to "shopping haul" posts I am 
and for a good reason!
It's great to see what other bloggers have bought, their comments and their satisfaction with the product before you actually see it put to use in their pictures and videos!

So here is my first SHOPPING HAUL post!

I would like to introduce my new mittens made of genuine leather and faux fur.
It's never good to buy a mitten that's snug/tight on you; that's a recipe for frozen fingers.
So, I bought these in a size that fits ever so loosely on my hand.

The best part? I didn't feel an ounce of guilt buying these because they're 
(1) incredibly soft both outside as well as in
(2) they're super practical winter staples
AND they were only 25 EUROS!!!
I am one satisfied customer :)

Just as a side note, I bought these 
at Les Halles in Paris and I understand that the H&Ms in Europe don't carry a lot of the same pieces as they do in the U.S. or Asia so I apologize if you're unable to find these.

Mittens: H&M
Watch: Swarovski
Sweater (what you can see of it): Alexander Wang

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bronze SILK & Black and White TWEED

Bon après-midi tout le monde!
Here is a gorgeous silk dress that I habitually steal from my sister's wardrobe :)
You'll see that I have already posted this look through Instagram when I was back in NYC. This is actually taken at a Japanese Market called "Mitsuwa," along the River Road in New Jersey.
If you're wanting some authentic Japanese ramen or Onigiri, this is the place.

I decided not to boggle the outfit too much with knick knacks. It's beautiful in all it's simplicity, so I added just a little detail around the neckline with a warm-hued, crystal necklace and my favorite black & white, tweed clutch!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!
I know the weather has been fluctuating a lot, so tackle that with some layering!

Thank you for reading!

Dress: Ann Taylor
Bag: Derek Lam
Shoes: French Sole
Accessories: Lulu Frost necklace, Pandora bracelet

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Bon soir tour le monde!
Here is a picture taken when I was still back in NYC.
There is nothing like a relaxing peruse around the MoMa before leaving the big city.

Seeing as how this was a museum outing, I mixed a variety of different patterns in this look.
The top and bottom both had a splatter-paint-like pattern on them but as you can see, 
the top had more of a predominantly grey hue while the base color of my sheer shorts were navy.

I cinched on a rather heavy but nonetheless beautifully metallic, distressed silver belt
and accessorized further with a gorgeous blue, crystal necklace with a double strap of gold and pewter.

My black & white tweed clutch and silver ballets came along too.

It was quite an exciting day full of some F.A.O. Schwarts,

some Central Park Zoo...

ending at a lovely café in Brooklyn that my sister had recommended.

It was a lovely way to close a chapter in New York and onto a new chapter in Paris!

I hope everyone has a lovely Thursday! The weekend is upon us!
Thank you for reading!

Top: Zara
Bottom: Ark and co
Bag: Derek Lam
Shoes: French Sole
Accessories: Lulu Frost necklace, Pandora bracelet, Zara belt, ring from Etsy

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TIBI Fall 2013 Beauties

Bon soir tout le monde!!
Here are just a few pieces that I fancied, upon looking through Tibi's new Fall 2013 collection!
Personally, these are pieces that I would invest in myself, as they are versatile, elegant, chic and effortlessly beautiful~
Get em while they're hot!!

The length of this skirt makes it rather conservative but I think that's the beauty of it! The deep, rich, sultry colors also make them fine candidates for those more intricately patterned tops in your closet!

Seeing as how this is an autumn skirt, I would roll up some nude stockings and booties on these babies!

There are simply instances when an article of clothing "hangs right" on a person
and falls into place so beautifully that it really compliments a woman's body.
Wearing this cami is one of those instances, hence, making it yet another of my "must-have" investment pieces of the season!

Last but not least, shoes for the crisp autumn weather.
The Spencer boot has a lovely heel height. Perfect for walking around all day without tiring your poor feet to the bone.
The Cody flat, on the other hand, are for those who would rather go sans heel altogether, like I often like to do. 
Both are chic as well as comfortable and practical! 
Is there more we can ask of our autumn closet staples?

I hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday!!
Thank you for reading!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

SHEER Bottoms & Tailored Blazers

Bon après-midi tout le monde!
As summer comes to an official close, I'm very excited to welcome both my favorite season and favorite wardrobe of the year!!

Now, because the temperature has yet to drop, I felt that sheer paneled clothing make 
practical and beautiful transitional pieces.

Throw a chunky knit sweater, loose or cropped, and voilà, a comfortable autumn outfit that's temperature flexible.

Chloe White Birdcage Hybrid Skirt

The caged design of the sheer panels here were what caught my attention. It gives some sass to the already feminine silhouette of the skirt, no?

Maison Matin Margiela Black Sheer Skirt Layered Trouser

I pictured these wide leg pants for a more formal outing. They're a bit minimalistic so I would suggest wearing a more vibrant, fun, outgoing top. Find one that you've been waiting to test out!

Edun Black Mesh Trim Silk Cargo

Helmut Lang Sheer Harem Pants

These latter pants are much more casual compared to the first two. I thought the design on these sheer harem pants gave a subtle kick and they probably look amazing in motion too~


Rad by Rad Hourani Plum Purple Short Tuxedo Jacket

Alexander McQueen

Versace Lace Inset Blazer

Here are four blazers that, I hope, inspire you to add you're own polished "pazaz" to your look, whether it be through some (1) white, black and gold cat print, 
(2) a deep, lush shade with a curved, open placket,
(3) metallic pop with honeycomb prints,
or (4) an elegant twist to the classic, black blazer~

I hope everyone has a wonderfully productive Monday!!
Thank you for reading!!!