Bon après-midi! I'm Doori: Born and raised in New York. Currently completed my final year at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor studying Communications & Media, French and Economics.
Simply put, I love Food and Fashion. 
There's no doubt that both Food and Fashion are inspired by countless aspects of our lives; music, architecture, the arts. It's like an extension of our abilities. I'm no architect, but there still exists that ability to carry over the beauty of structure into both clothing and the presentation of food. Many of us are not painters, but all to often we use colors to exert onto others how we're feeling or what kind of aura we want to paint around ourselves for that day. I hope to practice utilizing these different aspects to bring you unexpected, enjoyable posts, which will consist of Fashion, Food and any other discoveries I make along the way. 
I am a very curious fellow and I plan to post all the spunky, beneficial things I learn! Thank you for reading and I would love nothing more than to hear back and learn new ways to present to you the best possible content I can!

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