Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pineapple Cup, Kebobs & Medley Chips

Bon soir tout le monde!! 
Given that today is the last day of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, I wanted my post to wholly cover the final bustle of this charming town~

Above is a picture of some fork men I have become acquainted with; they are happy men who would love nothing more than to graciously hold condiments. 
Although I don't like to pick favorites, I quite fancy the little guy all the way to the left. 
He carries the salt and pepper shakers as though they were heavy grocery bags.

I think it's safe to say that these radiant molds caught the eyes of everyone. 
I imagine the marketing strategy for these big bloomers to be quite advantageous. 
I mean, they're basically brighter, less delicate, more convenient versions of real flowers, non?

Even so, I've found that tending to real flowers teach certain habits, however small, and give a sense of gratification that one can only really get from nurturing a living thing, especially when it has a beautiful end.

Moving on, here is a collection of objects created from alcohol bottles.

Quite a quirky gift if you ask me, assuming the person you're buying it for has a memory or two.........
or many with certain brands.

They also come in chopping board form.

People who perform on the streets never cease to amaze me. 
It's quite incredible to really sit back and wonder just how well they multi-task.

After running into Mr.Banjo up there, I saw a large poster of this earring.
I think this is such an easy, simple way to dress up the ears 
and they were quite comfortable, might I add.

Although I couldn't take pictures of the entire line of food carts, I was able to capture the biggest and best of it all: everything I ate.
 I also snapped this charismatic, thin, neon fellow.

Yes, this appears to be a simple kebob but rest assure, it is filet mignon in disguise.
This glazed, chicken kebob was quite honestly, the most juicy, flavorful, satisfying hunk of meat I have ever laid lips upon.

To add a crunchy side, I shared this basket of chips drizzled with sweet sour cream and bacon bits.

I was hesitant to post a picture of little ole sweat hog me but that's life, right?
We're not always the polished and proper, non-perspiring ladies in our pictures and so here is a very happy me with a Pina-Colada filled pineapple.

I cannot express in words how refreshing this pineapple-coconut mixed smoothie was but I hope that everyone has been having a yummy weekend~
Enjoy your Saturday and thank you so much for taking the time to read my hullahbuhloo~

Top: American Apparel
Bottom: Zara
Bag: Alexander McQueen
Accessories: earrings by Earlusion