Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fresh Spring Table

Today I came across a few beautiful, elegant pieces to modernize your table.
These pieces have such a simple yet eye-catching design and everyone, on a certain level takes notice of such presentation. It's like a breath of fresh air and a treat for the eyes before you eat.
All are currently on sale at MyHabit, just click on the links below each piece :)

Mikasa Midnight Bloom Plate Setting
click here

Pordamsa Angled Bowl with Ladle
click here

Pordamsa Geo Place Setting
click here

Pordamsa Angled Coffee Cups with Saucers
click here

Fur Vest & Mini Desserts

Hallo and happy Tuesday everyone!
This photo was instagrammed by Lucky's EIC, Eva Chen, who was kind enough to credit the sources of her outfit! I was especially attracted by her fur vest from Yves Salomon. 
After seeing this, I have added a beautifully structured, two-toned vest to my hit-list. It would make a lovely addition to any spring closet. Personally, I'm shooting for one with Bright/Pastel hues and a refreshingly dainty/flow-y material (maybe chiffon or a light linen?) 
It's the perfect solution to those "too-short" pieces (dresses, mini skirts, short shorts) or when you want to show some leg without overexposing. Just throw it over for simple & conservatively chic look.

Here is just a quick snippet of yet another coffee stop in Seattle. This stop is Storyville and I fell in love with their logo of a child frolicking with a toy airplane <3
The clutch I purchased from Fossil while in Paris a few months ago, and boy have been using it to the bone! 
It compliments both casual/formal looks and accompanies me to brunch dates, grocery shopping, coffee runs, museum meanderings, you name it. The crocodile skin-like pattern and material is sturdy and does not scratch easily, which is a huge plus. It can be frustrating carrying around an expensive bag that you can't get wet, can't fold in certain ways, can't graze with your fingernails, and has basically the delicate equivalence of a baby.

The little friend next to my clutch is a mini-sweetheart cinnamon roll with a caramel glaze. It made me realize how counter-intuitive bite-sized desserts can be. They seem so harmless...but what they really do is put your eat-in-moderation willpower to the test.

This mini here is from the infamous Dahlia Bakery. True to their rep, their coconut cream pies were outstanding with a soft, flaky crust topped with their fluffy, house-made custard, whip and jumbo coconut flakes.
I am a religious follower of
When I'm hungry but not necessarily craving anything, I hop onto it for inspiration....and as crazy as it sounds, I even look to food for fashion ideas.
I think food is underrated with regard to the amount of time and energy that goes into their presentation. Sometimes, the best color/texture combinations come from the chefs palette and plate presentations have beautiful compositions of different geometric/abstract shapes!
I'm not saying stare down the artwork of the sauce or piece of meat on your plate but...sometimes the placement of fruits on a tart or the usage of greens or bright mangos/tomatoes with more neutral colors of say, fish are more intentional than we think :)

Spring Renewal: Gold and Latté Art

Hallo everyone!!! I am now slowly but surely coming out of my 6 month hiatus of blogging. I'm actually in the process of learning some tech works so that I can redesign the site! Hopefully my web designing skills won't make a complete mess of the site but standby for that.

The past couple of months have been rather hectic, moving back from Paris and squeezing myself into this year's pool of eager, career-seeking beavers. I must say, the whole process can make people more aggressive, passionate, raw and humble than ever before. 
With that I want to introduce some new additions to my closet family: 
a pair of fresh gold sandals and a simple yet quaint silk shirt with litto chairs :) 

I'm always an advocate of metallics and from personal experience, I've found that Silver and Gold sandals or ballets go with EVERYTHING. If you take a look at some of my past posts, you'll see that I practically coddled my silver Ingrid ballets from French Sole!

This year i'm adding this gold fella into the mix. Quite honestly, I've yet to hop on the gladiators band wagon because I prefer to keep my looks on the sleeker side, which I don't believe are the essence of gladiators. These beauts were the perfect medium: Gold yet...Sandals. And what's more, they are incredibly comfortable.
To top it off, they're currently on sale (25% off)! Just click here 

How adorable are these quirky little chairs? It may be a bit pricey but everyone should invest in a shirt that has a subtle *oomph* so you can play up an outfit sans a jumbo statement necklace.

I recently visited Seattle and feel blessed to have happened upon the Moore Coffee Shop!
Oy! You will never meet a more talented counter of baristas...and with Seattle's notorious rain, you can't ask for a more peaceful afternoon of coffee and reads.
I'll be posting soon~ ;)

Thank you for reading! Have a lovely afternoon!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sheer PLAID & Tweed

Bon après-midi tout le monde!
Today's color palette is typically winter---a variety of blues, greys and black.
I thought I'd add a bit of feminine chic by slipping on a pair of high knee boots.

I admit, this outfit is rather mundane but I wanted to shed a little spotlight on my top today because I love the light, sheer material, the black, velvet bow detailing and the ever-so-slightly puffed shoulders.

I think that there are those days when you appreciate an outfit more and more 
as the day progresses.
The more you look at a piece, and feel the sensation of being in its skin,
the more you learn whether or not it truly was a great purchase.

This top was the perfect inner layer to my heavy winter coat and the progression of the day made me realize what a subtly beautiful, feminine ambiance it carries.

With that said, I accessorized in the outfit's simplicity with these silver bracelets!
The one to the right was a sweet, sweet gift from a friend, who has it in gold~
It reads, "Partners in Crime"! :)

I thought it's be nice to end with a small refresher I ate as a late-night snack~ 
Bright fruits always seem happy to look at :)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Unfortunately, I'm missing one of my favorite holiday of the year (Black Friday Shopping), but I encourage everyone to go out there and purchase some good steals!!! 
Until next time!

Top: Zara
Coat: Pablo
Bottom: Zara
Accessories: Pandora bracelet (left), Kate Spade bangle (right)
Shoes: Zara

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tailored Tweed & Boyfriend Jeans

Allo everyone!!
I have truly been slacking on my blog posts..donc, firstly, i would like to apologize.
I will indeed make more of an effort to upload, 
at least, 
photos of the delicious foods I encounter here in Paris.

Now that i've established that,
i'd like to share my ensemble of the day---
It's rather casual, but where's the joy in style if not partially in comfort!?

I don't know about you guys, 
but when I think of comfort, my mind gears towards masculine silhouettes: 
boxy, straight lined overcoats, tastefully untailored pants, 
and clutches of sleek cherry-browned leather, which I think adds an aura of chic professionalism, 
similar to that of a beautiful briefcase.
This beauty of an overcoat was the perfect find. 
Made of warm wool, tweed and polished gold buttons, it balances the masculine style---
although it doesn't have a crisp, feminine silhouette, it still gives plenty of structure to compliment the body.

The jeans are equally as amazing. 
I'm rather picky about my denim, especially when it comes to comfort and their ability to stretch.
There's nothing worse that a tight pair of jeans that you can barely button up and have trouble breathing in. You may as well return back to the 19th century and strap on a corset.
No, no.
From the get-go, jeans were invented for practicality in the everyday lives of workers so we shouldn't expect any less of their capabilities today.
When I purchase jeans, they need to be soft to the touch, which is why I usually stay within the same circle of brands: Se7en, Madewell, Burberry and Masion Scotch.

I added the final touch of a bright mustard scarf to complete the autumn tone of the look.

All in all, I was a happy camper, properly dressed for a spontaneous stroll through the park.

Here's a quick glimpse of Bois de Boulogne on the Western edge of Paris.

There's always something so enchanting about parks or forests during this post-autumn, pre-winter period. The colorful autumn scenery mixed with the brisk, chill of the winter air easily makes it a place of reminiscence....inspiration.

Throw in a few playgrounds and let it bring out the inner-child in you ;)

I hope everyone finds that perfect winter coat to befriend! A coat that doubles for more formal occasions in addition ta vie quotidienne is also something to consider!
To each her own!

Until next time!

Coat: Pablo
Bottom: Maison Scotch
Accessories: Fossil clutch, Essentiel scarf
Shoes: French Sole