Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ann Arbor Art Fair, Watermelon Juice & Monkey Kurt

Bon soir!! 
I hope this hot, hot Wednesday has given everyone a natural, sauna detox.
Today was quite eventful as it was the first of four long days of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair!!
Given that it was 90 degrees, my kind photographer bought me some freshly squeezed watermelon juice and tonight I will go to sleep dreaming of it.

In my pictures, I'll be holding a mango juice as well because a two-handed photographer is certainly better than a one-handed one.

I apologize for that poof on my head that we call hair. I had just come from swimming at the University pool and was not able to find a hair tie.
Combine that with hot humidity and *tada* you get Dooree- hair.

On another note, today I have on a simple, tan, monkey (his name's Curt) T-shirt with leather shorts,  black, suede Mary Jane heels and a large leather tote from Diesel that I am particularly fond of and will show you in more detail in the future.

The art fair seems infinite and stretches on for miles across campus!
I found this ring shop towards the beginning of my artful stroll and I was immediately drawn to the variety of beautiful marbles, pearls and precious stones wedged between the silver heads.

It turns out that when you purchase one rings, it comes with 9 additional marbles that you can switch!
You simply pull out the current marble and fashion another one between the heads by lightly wedging it in.
The idea seems so simple but patenting it and bringing it to shiny, shiny life made it irresistible and I ended up buying a larger peach pearled ring of the size they call pee-wee.
I recommend everyone to check it out! I'll provide a link to the company at the bottom.

Isn't she a beaut? :)
I will switch the marbles around to match other outfits so you'll definitely be seeing her around~

Every section of the street art fair was outrageously colorful and had such a diverse bustle!
There were people with BIG, cow-patterned dogs!

and those with multiple, small dogs.

Families lounging outside, eating delicious food. Food to blatantly stare at as you casually pass by.

Parents lifting their children atop their shoulders, even though it was 90 degrees, which for me is past the threshold of touching anyone.

I even found some summer loving hats.
I had trouble deciding between this fresh, white, crystal embellished fedora and the more uplifting mango, orange hue of the sunhat.

I think it's important for a sunhat to have a solid structure. This hat was too floppy for my taste and sagged in the front.

Have you ever packed a sunhat or fedora for a vacation, without wearing it to the airport?
I once packed a sunhat in my suitcase on a trip to California and by the time it came out, it was crinkled, dented and unwearable. 
That's why this shop caught my attention and although I didn't have time to verify this "uncrushable hat" claim today, I still have 3 more days and I will update further on this.

Walking further, I found a Wine Slushy shop!
However, I am not yet legal so I can't say I tried a sample. Sorry.

I did find this vibrant display of wooden cars! 
They seemed to be racking in quite a lot of business and with reason. I can see this as a classy addition to any child's room!

One of my final stops was a shop full of the most *bam* pictures and paintings I have ever seen!
What made it quite special was the material on which some of the pictures were placed: aluminum.

I was not allowed to take photos but there was a certain allure to the metallic sheen of each picture, especially one of the aurora borealis that was taken in Iceland.
I was able to chit chat a bit with the photographer about his trip to Iceland and other such locations, which really changed the way I looked at the remainder of the pictures.

I suppose that's why blogging has a certain allure to it as well.
As important as the final product is, so to is the thought process and the explanation of the effort behind it.
Food for thought? :)

I hope you have a lovely start to your Thursday!
Thank you for taking the time to read!!

Bottom: Zara (Purchase Here)
Bag: Diesel
Shoes: Banana Republic (old)
Accessories: Miriam Merenfeld gold necklace, ring (


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