Thursday, July 18, 2013

Naked Grecian Statues? Not Anymore!

Bon aprés-midi everyone!
To be quite frank, I'm in the middle of an Industrial Org. class right now but my lovely photographer has sent me a link that I could not contain posting this minute!!

The brilliant photographer Léo Caillard and Alexis Persani have posted some of their greatest, most quirky work yet!!

Most of us circle a Grecian sculpture whilst admiring the regality of their exposed nakedness but Caillard and Persani decided to chuck the chalky curves, say no to nude and truly show how clothing presents an outlet to develop our own external characters.

Here's a preview but if you want some more of this goodness, I highly recommend that you click on the link below and never look at sculptures the same again.


  1. This cracked me up! I'm so used to seeing them nude and can't even imagine them wearing clothes.LOL

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