Monday, July 22, 2013

Suede, Stripes & LEOPARD PRINT

Bon soir! 
Today is a fine day because the rain has come and the humidity has finally lifted!!
When I'm lucky enough, the day after a long night's drizzle makes way to a clear, sunny morning.

On days with 0% chance of precipitation and the assurance of dry ground, 
I jump to suede!

Suede is such a lovely material and once I saw that bright splatter of red, my self-control was beat.
Personally, the texture of suede is quite entertaining. 
Why, just a few hours ago I was able to stroke my shoes whilst waiting for my finance professor to arrive.

Now that I've established that I'm weird,
here is a simple one-piece dress with...
pockets, which I actually used regardless of the fact it made my left hip look bunchy.
Quite frankly, unless we're going to a gala, pockets should be used for their utilitarian glory.

Yet another shot of my splendid marble ring.
Today I have matched it with my hearty, red shoes.
I admit it's subtle, but the ring really did give a bit'o color to the top half of the look.

There are few shoes more comfortable than a wedge sandals. 
These are great, particularly because they give you the height and lengthen your silhouette without the strain of elevated heels in the back.

When I don't want to wear a conventional black, white and (bold color of your choosing) look with a white shirt, black blazer, etc., 
poking people with prints is always a *thumbs up* with me.
In this case, the red provided the black and white, leopard-stripes dress a solid color to stand on so if desired, I probably could have added another crazy print or two!
I would love to experiment different ways to be black, white and red all over.

Just as a side note, here is a picture of my attempt at making homemade pizza.

I admit, it's not the prettiest and the crust is mighty chunky but the turkey sausage and mozzarella were freshly bought from local meat/cheese shops, the pineapple was organic and sweet, 
the italian parsley added a refreshing kick that made it taste like a slice of a home garden 
and the whole grain dough, eaten as it is, truly had a flavor all its own!

Hope you're having a lovely Monday!!
Thank you for taking the time to read!

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Prada
Accessories: Club Monaco belt, ring from


  1. the pizza looks tasty, I've never imagined to match pineapple with turkey sausage.

  2. love the choice of shoes! great pop of red!
    the pizza looks delicious!

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  3. Really nice look! great shoes :)
    hugs :)

  4. What a gorgeous black and white look! I love how you added a pop of red with your shoes :) Simply beautiful!