Monday, September 2, 2013

SHEER Bottoms & Tailored Blazers

Bon après-midi tout le monde!
As summer comes to an official close, I'm very excited to welcome both my favorite season and favorite wardrobe of the year!!

Now, because the temperature has yet to drop, I felt that sheer paneled clothing make 
practical and beautiful transitional pieces.

Throw a chunky knit sweater, loose or cropped, and voilà, a comfortable autumn outfit that's temperature flexible.

Chloe White Birdcage Hybrid Skirt

The caged design of the sheer panels here were what caught my attention. It gives some sass to the already feminine silhouette of the skirt, no?

Maison Matin Margiela Black Sheer Skirt Layered Trouser

I pictured these wide leg pants for a more formal outing. They're a bit minimalistic so I would suggest wearing a more vibrant, fun, outgoing top. Find one that you've been waiting to test out!

Edun Black Mesh Trim Silk Cargo

Helmut Lang Sheer Harem Pants

These latter pants are much more casual compared to the first two. I thought the design on these sheer harem pants gave a subtle kick and they probably look amazing in motion too~


Rad by Rad Hourani Plum Purple Short Tuxedo Jacket

Alexander McQueen

Versace Lace Inset Blazer

Here are four blazers that, I hope, inspire you to add you're own polished "pazaz" to your look, whether it be through some (1) white, black and gold cat print, 
(2) a deep, lush shade with a curved, open placket,
(3) metallic pop with honeycomb prints,
or (4) an elegant twist to the classic, black blazer~

I hope everyone has a wonderfully productive Monday!!
Thank you for reading!!!


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