Monday, July 15, 2013

The FLOUNCE, the Fountain & Strawberry tart

Bon aprés-midi tout le monde!
I hope everyone had an action-packed weekend and is taking their Monday one step at a time.
Looking at this first picture makes me think that it should have been my post for the 4th of July but no matter!

The pictures today were taken at "Sunday Morning in Deep Waters," which is a fountain on campus that depicts King Triton and his sons on a holiday excursion.

Now that my college years are coming to a close, I have a new found appreciation for this beautiful fountain.

Here at the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!), incoming students participate in an infamous tradition, which involves taking off their shoes during freshman orientation and walking through the fountain, which is located in between the Graduate School and the Undergraduate Library.
During their first week, students walk through the fountain towards the Undergraduate Library, symbolizing their arrival. 
After graduating, they walk in the opposite direction, towards the Graduate Library, symbolizing their departure and the end of their undergraduate education at the University of Michigan.

I am ashamed to say that although jumping back into the fountain would have made the pictures today far more sentimental, the water looked much too dirty at that moment so I apologize.

On another note, the flounce dress I wore today was far more decorated than I intended! I mixed many different metallics but kept an overall color scheme that radiated warmth with the deep orange and light pink bracelet on my left arm as well as a crystal, rose gold equestrian style bracelet on my right arm.

I must confess that the flounce dress was a tad big on me so I had to add my gold, perforated belt to keep my silhouette from looking like a rectangle with frills on the bottom!

Regardless of the size and simplicity of this flounce dress, there were many aspects of it that gave her a subtle personality such as the ruffles/puffs on the bottom and the shoulders as well as the black piping along the neck/shoulder lines.

I've found that all the clean, simple dresses I've been attracted to accumulate their character through these seemingly miniscule details. 
The pieces in my closet with such details gain the best type of appreciation: gradual appreciation.
There's nothing better than making a purchase only to discover that the purchase has beautiful, added value hidden within the details.

This is what makes me lust for all things embellished with crystal.

This cocktail ring was slipped on last minute. Just thought I'd try it out and give it some action!

I think it made the little bugger happy~

On a side note, here is a iced new orleans brew and strawberry tart from the lovely café Lab.
I come here 5/7 mornings and am always a sucker for their new pastries by a wonderful baker who also creates the most mouthwatering french macaroons. 

The details of this tart have slipped my mind so I will go back and ask the owner some more about it's creation and get back to you!!

I hope that everyone is having a fruitful day!! Another splendid Monday has passed!
Onward to Friday! and Thank you for taking the time to read!!
If there's anything I can do to make it more flavorful please leave a comment or e-mail me!

Dress: Flicka
Shoes: Elie Tahari
Accessories: Louis Vuitton Sarah wallet, Kate Spade ring, Walter Baker equestrian bracelet, Deep orange bracelet (gift from my mother-made in Africa), Pink crystal bracelet (gift from a friend-bought at a local shop here in Ann Arbor)

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