Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Midnight in Paris- Tweed Jacket, Silver Chain Belt & GIVENCHY ANTIGONA

Bonjour tout le monde!
Scurrying around Paris, I've been neglecting my regular posts and so, I apologize.
The picture above was taken with a my newfound friend Taylor, on a rather famous stoop that I'm sure those who have seen the film "Midnight In Paris" may recognize!
I confess that I actually came to this stoop BEFORE watching the film
but it was nevertheless surreal to sit on the same stairs as actor Owen Wilson.

A bit on my outfit here---it's a tad bit plain but that's what I preferred about the look.
All you really need is a white tank, some staple leather shorts 
and a classic ole, slightly oversized tweed jacket :)

Of course, I accessorized it up a bit with one of my favorite chain belts, which I double clipped for the layered effect in the center.

If there's one thing I must stress, it's that ever girl in Paris needs a crossbody bag!
If not for the sake of getting pick-pocketed than just for the convenience of having a hands-free bag.
I've found it especially convenient when I want my hands wrapped around a giant crêpe :)

You'll see here that i've unbuttoned my tweed jacket and removed the belt to accessorize the inside.
Not only did it get hot, but sometimes an outfit looks much more charming with the jacket draped over rather than buttoned up.

Anywho, I hope that everyone is having a swell week!
Thank you for reading!!

Please do try to watch "A Midnight In Paris" if you can! 
I think it's a rather interesting take on different historical periods in Paris.

Top: Zara tank, Jacket from K-Styleme
Bottom: Zara
Bag: Givenchy 
Shoes: French Sole
Accessories: Zara belt

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