Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TIBI Fall 2013 Beauties

Bon soir tout le monde!!
Here are just a few pieces that I fancied, upon looking through Tibi's new Fall 2013 collection!
Personally, these are pieces that I would invest in myself, as they are versatile, elegant, chic and effortlessly beautiful~
Get em while they're hot!!

The length of this skirt makes it rather conservative but I think that's the beauty of it! The deep, rich, sultry colors also make them fine candidates for those more intricately patterned tops in your closet!

Seeing as how this is an autumn skirt, I would roll up some nude stockings and booties on these babies!

There are simply instances when an article of clothing "hangs right" on a person
and falls into place so beautifully that it really compliments a woman's body.
Wearing this cami is one of those instances, hence, making it yet another of my "must-have" investment pieces of the season!

Last but not least, shoes for the crisp autumn weather.
The Spencer boot has a lovely heel height. Perfect for walking around all day without tiring your poor feet to the bone.
The Cody flat, on the other hand, are for those who would rather go sans heel altogether, like I often like to do. 
Both are chic as well as comfortable and practical! 
Is there more we can ask of our autumn closet staples?

I hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday!!
Thank you for reading!!

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