Thursday, September 5, 2013


Bon soir tour le monde!
Here is a picture taken when I was still back in NYC.
There is nothing like a relaxing peruse around the MoMa before leaving the big city.

Seeing as how this was a museum outing, I mixed a variety of different patterns in this look.
The top and bottom both had a splatter-paint-like pattern on them but as you can see, 
the top had more of a predominantly grey hue while the base color of my sheer shorts were navy.

I cinched on a rather heavy but nonetheless beautifully metallic, distressed silver belt
and accessorized further with a gorgeous blue, crystal necklace with a double strap of gold and pewter.

My black & white tweed clutch and silver ballets came along too.

It was quite an exciting day full of some F.A.O. Schwarts,

some Central Park Zoo...

ending at a lovely café in Brooklyn that my sister had recommended.

It was a lovely way to close a chapter in New York and onto a new chapter in Paris!

I hope everyone has a lovely Thursday! The weekend is upon us!
Thank you for reading!

Top: Zara
Bottom: Ark and co
Bag: Derek Lam
Shoes: French Sole
Accessories: Lulu Frost necklace, Pandora bracelet, Zara belt, ring from Etsy

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