Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Calf Hair Tote from Bellerose

Salut tout le monde!
I recently took a trip to the lovely city of Berlin and seeing as how I didn't have a weekend bag, I decided to buy one before heading out!
For me, the perfect weekend bag should be able to fit 3 days worth of clothes, give or take, in addition to your bag of beauty products (a portable bottle of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotion, etc.) 

This calf hair, suede tote was parfait (perfect)! 
Bellerose is a boutique  in Paris on Rue du Temple. 
I absolutely adore the selections here---it's fun, feminine, comfortable and the styles carry a more rugged air of casual chic.
I couldn't have asked for a better bag. The calf hair and suede gave it a kick of texture and the animal print makes a subtle statement without drawing unwanted attention on my travels. I try to be as fashionably safe as possible seeing as how I don't exactly have a bodyguard on hand.

Voici, the German and EU flag in the background~

This picture is actually more sentimental than anything.
The three rings were my way of vicariously bringing my loved ones with me on the trip.
The fox ring of rose gold was given to me by my mother the day before I left for Paris. She purchased it at a petite shop on 32nd and Broadway. 
The second ring is also rose gold is from my best friend and is a great day to day ring---the wave design is simple and just elegant enough~
The last ring is from my one and only sister, who had it custom made on Etsy.

Just a short floop of bags and accessories!
Thank you for reading~ until next time!

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