Sunday, August 4, 2013

KNIT MAXI SKIRT & Cream,White-piped Linen Blazer

Bon soir tout le monde!!
Today was a beauuutiful Sunday, which I strangely spent beside a window seat in a café...
that actually explains the maxi skirt and the blazer I threw on~ why are cafés so COLD?!

Anywho, just to explain a bit more about my look here...the ensemble kind of built upon itself!
I first chose the knit maxi skirt in this gorgeous, deep shade of maroon and seeing how it gave a rather sensual aura, I decided to give the top a simple, structured, 
slightly business-like taste.

I chose not to mingle silver with gold accessories, so everything from the belt, the blazer buttons 
to the hardware on the bag is gold toned~

Frankly, the heavier knit of the maxi skirt looked more so for autumn than for a summer's day, which is why I aimed for a lighter, brighter top half.

This blazer gave the perfect little sprite of spring/summer to the outfit.
Its white piping detail all throughout gave it a polished touch and was the perfect outline to the warm tone of the tan color. 
It just made me appreciate it even more, 
in all it's cute, cropped, linen glory.

Having a staple, linen blazer is a brilliant way to mix summer and autumn styles~ 
Perhaps some leather pants or a leather top to go with that linen blazer for starters? :)

Thank you for reading!! I hope everyone has a lovely, productive Monday!

Top: Urban Outfitters tank, Club Monaco blazer
Bottom: Elizabeth and James
Bag: Chloe (Purchase Similar Here)
Shoes: French Sole (Purchase Here)
Accessories: Miriam Merenfeld necklace, Carven sunglasses, belt from SaksFifthAve


  1. ahhhhh love the outfit ESP the maxi ><

  2. Love the belt!

  3. I love it ! KIND OF AMAZING !