Friday, August 23, 2013

Chunky Knit Grey & LAVENDER Shorts

Bon soir tout le monde!!
This picture was taken while I was still in Ann Arbor, hence, the casual-ness of the outfit. I was actually going out grocery shopping.

This is just a simple grey tank with a sheer scallop on the top half
and a cardigan more so on the chunky side.

It's no news that grey and purple/pink go well together; my shorts are a lovely shade of lavender.

I've been trying to cut back on coffee these days and I must say, it's the hardest, darndest thing!
I've contemplated on whether it's the actual caffeine I'm addicted to or just the idea of having a nice, pick-me-up iced treat to look forward to each day.
Anyhow, that explains my cup o' Moroccan Mint tea, which I highly recommend!!

I hope you had a lovely Friday night!!
Thank you for reading!

Top: Club Monaco tank, cardigan (old)
Bottom: Club Monaco
Shoes: Zara
Accessories: J.Crew belt

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