Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fur Vest & Mini Desserts

Hallo and happy Tuesday everyone!
This photo was instagrammed by Lucky's EIC, Eva Chen, who was kind enough to credit the sources of her outfit! I was especially attracted by her fur vest from Yves Salomon. 
After seeing this, I have added a beautifully structured, two-toned vest to my hit-list. It would make a lovely addition to any spring closet. Personally, I'm shooting for one with Bright/Pastel hues and a refreshingly dainty/flow-y material (maybe chiffon or a light linen?) 
It's the perfect solution to those "too-short" pieces (dresses, mini skirts, short shorts) or when you want to show some leg without overexposing. Just throw it over for simple & conservatively chic look.

Here is just a quick snippet of yet another coffee stop in Seattle. This stop is Storyville and I fell in love with their logo of a child frolicking with a toy airplane <3
The clutch I purchased from Fossil while in Paris a few months ago, and boy have been using it to the bone! 
It compliments both casual/formal looks and accompanies me to brunch dates, grocery shopping, coffee runs, museum meanderings, you name it. The crocodile skin-like pattern and material is sturdy and does not scratch easily, which is a huge plus. It can be frustrating carrying around an expensive bag that you can't get wet, can't fold in certain ways, can't graze with your fingernails, and has basically the delicate equivalence of a baby.

The little friend next to my clutch is a mini-sweetheart cinnamon roll with a caramel glaze. It made me realize how counter-intuitive bite-sized desserts can be. They seem so harmless...but what they really do is put your eat-in-moderation willpower to the test.

This mini here is from the infamous Dahlia Bakery. True to their rep, their coconut cream pies were outstanding with a soft, flaky crust topped with their fluffy, house-made custard, whip and jumbo coconut flakes.
I am a religious follower of Foodporndaily.com
When I'm hungry but not necessarily craving anything, I hop onto it for inspiration....and as crazy as it sounds, I even look to food for fashion ideas.
I think food is underrated with regard to the amount of time and energy that goes into their presentation. Sometimes, the best color/texture combinations come from the chefs palette and plate presentations have beautiful compositions of different geometric/abstract shapes!
I'm not saying stare down the artwork of the sauce or piece of meat on your plate but...sometimes the placement of fruits on a tart or the usage of greens or bright mangos/tomatoes with more neutral colors of say, fish are more intentional than we think :)

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