Friday, June 28, 2013

WOODY SILK SHORTS & Cuffed knit sweater

Bonjour everyone! 
Seeing as how this is my first post, I must say that I am quite nervous about starting my own style blog. 

However, after looking through numerous other blogs, it's clear to see that staying true to your own individualized style and having an opportunity like this to contribute my thoughts to the fashion community is all I can ask for so I hope you enjoy how I run with it :)

Today, I paired beautiful olive green silk shorts with a light knit tan sweater. 

Silk shorts are my go-to during the summer, especially on days that are so humid it feels like the air weighs you down. I slipped on cow fur cheetah heels and finished with a sleek metallic clutch that is as smooth as it is shiny.

Usually, I prefer to cinch in the top by slightly tucking my sweater into the pants but from the photo above, it makes the silk shorts appear quite bunchy. I also prefer to enjoy seeing the full sheen of the silk rather than having it covered by the sweater.
Thus, I decided to make a simple knot on one side of the sweater and voila, I was happy to go! An easy, breezy outfit with a touch of cheetah and metallics.

Top: Old: (
Bottom: Madewell
Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff 
Bag: Alexander McQueen

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  1. Love love love! First of all, it is an honor to write the first comment, I should add. I think that this outfit is just gorgeous and the pictures are stunning. I will totally wear it (when I reach my ideal weight, that is haha). I was afraid to try silk, since it was so delicate, but I HAVE to have one now. The stripe on the side, the color of the band makes it look like the sweater and the pants were meant to be! I can't believe how you managed to match it like that!
    To top it off, I really enjoyed the knot explanation since I like to accentuate the separation of top and bottom.

    YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! Metallic manicure was a perfect touch, I must say.